Integrity in Motion:
The Practice of Now

Accessing Soul through Soma.

The truth of us is vibrant and whole.  At heart, we are divine beings - uniquely gifted and endowed with brilliance.  The Practice of Now uncovers and connects us to that truth in order to manifest our most radiant selves.  

Through yoga, dance, or talk therapy, we consider Soma – the Soul Body – to be our greatest teacher.  With breath and attention, we work past the constrictions which hold us back, and become whole.


Our biology – our very BE-ing – is ALWAYS moving toward evolution, growth, and repair.  We cannot stop it if we try:  the cut will close, the bone will knit, the muscle will re-align.  Fundamentally, we are somatic geniuses - masters of engineering and love! And we don't have to DO anything for it to be so. So kiss your elbow, and wave to your big toe.  They are prodigies of progress.


"Janet is an incredibly gifted teacher.  She has the rare ability to inspire people to do things they didn't know they could do, and to discover things in themselves they didn't know were there -- and to have a great time doing it.  She leaves people changed for the better."
-Carl, Lawyer

""As a busy mother of three, I had forgotten how much I love music and movement on my own.  Janet is a gifted teacher who gently guides her classes in and out of free-form dancing to varied music.  I find myself deeply introspective when dancing along to some songs and truly joyful when dancing along to others.  After I drop off my kids at school, I smile knowing that I'm on my way to continue my dancing renaissance."
-Sally, Mother of 3

"Janet is a teacher in the truest sense. Her life experience and wisdom is communicated through not only her instruction, but quite simply through her presence. She effortlessly weaves together unique and challenging physical sequences while supporting the energy of the class with clear and gentle attention. She guides a truly deep and sustainable yoga practice for any age or level.”

-Mary, Artist

"Janet is an exceptionally gifted teacher and a truly lovely person. Her warm, accepting and respectful style of leadership makes everyone in her classes, from toddlers to seniors, feel immediately at ease.  Her classes are joyful, creative, and an ongoing source of inspiration to me. I can’t believe my luck to have Janet teaching…!"
-Liz, Physician and mother of 2

"Depending on the music and encouragement that Janet offers, you may find yourself moving in old or new ways, feeling emotions that inspire your kinesthetic expression, and most definitely getting a terrific work-out.  Be prepared to dance joyfully, meet new friends, and sweat!"
-Susan, Teacher

"I want to thank Janet for such an incredible process.... It never ceases to amaze me when one connects in such a deep way the wisdom that is given.  I remain in a state of bliss and joy; not just for myself, but as Janet so eloquently puts it, 'for the world'.  Thank you Janet for your gift, and for the power you allow to flow through us, so we can receive and be healed."

-Ryan, Student