Listen to the music and move.  Make love to every sensation and impulse.  Rejoice in sweat and breath and muscle and bone.  Find freedom.  Welcome sensations of hunger and desire, pain and sadness, beauty and longing, vulnerability and power.  Invite – no, exhort, cajole, extol – your Body to move - stomp and slide and stretch and shake and shiver and FEEL.  

Discover you are enough.  No, more than enough:  Tap into the miracle of your total individuality - and then, go deeper – deeper to the place where you are everything and no-thing.  Discover YOU.


Meditation in Motion is an active invitation for the core wisdom of our bodies to come alive. Whether it is the impulse to move a finger, or the drive to shake our bones, our unique and intuitive movement is honored as the best guide for connecting to our most authenticSelves.

Come purge the shadow side of the ‘perfect practice’ and ‘right thinking’- in which we focus so hard on ‘right’ placement, we lose connection with our Selves.  So often, instead of loving acceptance, we find judgment and evaluation.  We suppress our physical needs and intuition, and so separate ourselves from our most vital knowledge. Such a separation restricts us and makes us vulnerable to injury.

Through the transformative power of authentic movement, we explore the Body's innate wisdom to seek out wholeness.  With breath, music and deep listening, we practice becoming deeply interested in the Now, and the “what is”.  We create a safe space to feel, and discover how the Soul Body consequently re-organizes, and evolves.   With every breath, we manifest new biology.  We delight in this 'spiritual immune system' – and trace our true nature in its constant, spiraling flow to the center, and to our most vital Selves – to Atman.