From September 2015

Another lesson in Love:

This weekend a friend hurt me - sitting on the kitchen floor crying hurt - and I couldn't figure out the way forward: the heart was aching, there was the anger of self protection, and I didn't know how or whether to engage:
What had happened? What old patterns of mine were at play to get me in this situation? Should I open up and make myself vulnerable again? Would I get hurt again?    ...

I went to sleep with an aching, painful heart, but opened to the dream space.

And then, this morning, I woke, and in the soft spaces of egoless wisdom, my heart answered this:
Come back to Love, Janet.

Not the head driven ideas of love, but the true heart - the heart that begins in and with you (me!), dear one.

So I opened to my heart space, and sweetly, magically, I felt my inner mother step forward and take me in her arms.

I saw the two of us at a playground. She came to where I was, and removed me from where I had been hurt ("Ah my darling, don't play with that young friend right now,") not with malice, but gentleness, and a mother's clarity.
Just like that, she scooped me up and held me.
Then she sweetly put me down and with a little pat set me off in another direction to play.
There was no admonishment or fuss about the 'offending' friend - now is not the time - but rather, I've got you, I'm with you. Keep moving into health, and happiness.
Go. Play. Find what makes you well, now.

And just like that, I feel better.

Just for this moment - the head can work out the details of the conversation, or action later - my heart answered me:

Love myself first.
True Love begins with me.

When I allow Love to live its wisdom, it goes everywhere -
like water - in this case first to where I needed it: back into my own hurt heart.

And now that I have ridden its wave of healing, I feel different.
I feel better. I see the way forward.
Thank you sleep. Thank you dreams. Thank you Heart. Thank you Love. Thank you.

Can you let Love go where it leads today?

I'll be with you.