Somatic Therapy

Where the head meets the body.  

  • “I suffer from memories of childhood trauma.”

  • “I feel trapped by my anger/sadness/depression.

  • “I am stuck in unhealthy cycles/patterns of behavior.”

  • "I want more clarity for the big decision I am about to make.”

  • "I am ready to move forward, but am not sure how."

We live an embodied existence.  Literally, our experience of Self is through the body.  At the same time, we also have the unique ability to think - to engage in analysis and take deliberate action regarding that experience.  

In somatic therapy, we yoke somatic (body) awareness with reason, and start to discern what needs to shift, or heal.

In each moment of now, there is also that which we identify as the past:  internalized stories, family systems, retained trauma.   When we practice tolerating the moment, we can begin to discriminate what is ‘ours’ from what is familial, societal, and systemic.  In all cases, we can then understand the ways those patterns and scripts affect us.   Finally, with loving attention and care, we can heal those unhelpful attachments, and learn to nurture the expression of our whole, radiant Selves.   

Janet combines her background in traditional psychotherapy with the structure and wisdom of the moving meditation.   We create safety first, then invite “body mind” to guide us.  

Individual sessions allow time and space for private stories to emerge and be held.   


Janet reads energy in the body.  

In private sessions, Janet is able to feel and connect to an individual’s energy in order to facilitate a deeper understanding of the present. 

Occasionally, she will also connect to ancestors who have crossed over.  By hearing ancestral support that is seeking to be healed as well, she is able to contribute information about the 'Now.'  With this information, we can explore ways that our ancestral stories impact our daily lives.  How do these events and relationships affect our present experience?  In what ways do we make choices and live our lives according to old scripts and patterns that do not serve us?  By listening to all that is, we gather more information in order for the full Self to emerge.  

When we heal the moment, we heal the past, present and future.

“We are free to be who we are
To create our own life
out of our past and out of the present.
We are our ancestors.
When we heal ourselves,
We also heal our ancestors,
Our grandmothers, our grandfathers and our children.
When we heal ourselves,
We heal Mother Earth.”
Rita Pitka Blumestein
13 Indigenous Grandmothers