In each one of us, there exist multiple bodies of ‘consciousness’:  physical, emotional, mental , communal, and spiritual. All of these live and interconnect in the Soma – the soul body.  We access them all of them through feeling.  When we cultivate interest and awareness for the moment,  and make space to feel what rises,  we begin to create integrity.  This self witness with compassion becomes practice for the now.

We explore “How do I feel?” – and begin to cultivate rigorous attention to the physical and emotional present.  By doing so, we start to witness the fullness of our Selves.  The more we see and feel, the more information we have for the ‘truth’ of the Now.  

We are constantly evolving.  Our biology – our very BE-ing –ALWAYS moves toward evolution, growth, and healing.  We cannot stop it if we try:  the cut will close, the bone will knit, the muscle will re-organize, the heart will heal. When we make space to feel, we open to our own natural healing process;  this is our ‘spiritual immune system’.

The true Self always moves toward expansion, and abundance.  This is the Practice of Now.